Rumble West 85th May 31 Class for Mental Health

Step into the ring of mental wellness with boxing as your partner. Experience the empowering journey of mastering your mind and body, one punch at a time. Boxing isn't just about physical strength; it's a powerful tool for mental health too. Channel your emotions, release stress, and build resilience as you train your focus and discipline. Whether you're throwing jabs or working the heavy bag, each session is a step forward in your mental well-being. Join us in the fight against mental health challenges, and let's knock out negativity together with the transformative power of boxing at Rumble Boxing West 85th.

When: May 31st at 6:50pm

Where: Rumble Boxing West 85th - 8560 8A Ave SW #420

How: Make a minimum $31 (price of a drop-in class) per person donation through this page and you will be registered!*

*Please let us know in the Donation Comment box below if you are registering for the class or just making a donation. Thank you!

Proceeds benefit CMHA Calgary and Mental Health for All. CMHA Calgary is dedicated to promoting resilient and mentally healthy communities. They empower lives through education, awareness, and support for individuals and families facing mental health and substance use challenges, championing wellness and recovery.

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