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My Life My Adventure

Overcoming Mental Illness One Summit at a Time. My mission with this project is to simply help people understand that mental illness, is just like any other disease. That no matter our life challenges, our past or our fears, everything is possible one step at a time. I wish to help people find a balance in every aspect of their lives so that they can live happier lives. My dream is to climb the seven summits. The seven summits are the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. To reach the summit is considered a challenge of mountaineering. To this date in 2019, about 420 people have successfully completed the challenge. Of these, only 18 are Canadians. It is a physical, mental and financial challenge that demands a lot of courage, determination and perseverance. I had the pleasure in 2018, to summit Mt Denali 6190m (Alaska, USA) and Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania, Africa). My next objective is to climb Mt Elbrus (Russia, Europe) 5642m in August and Mt Aconcagua 6962m (Argentina, South America) in December 2019. Through my adventures and travelling, I am learning so much about myself and life. I believe that we all have a mountain to climb. We have to remember that is not all about the summit, but it is the journey to get there, that really matters. I am now offering conferences (school, corporate and general public) to raise mental health awareness and to promote the power of the dream and passion. My goal with my presentation is to inspire the population to reach out for help and to live the life of their dreams. Please feel free to contact me at jean_francois_dupras@hotmail.com for more details and to make a reservation. My fundraising goal is to raise the symbolic amount of $43,319, which represent the total elevation of the 7 summits. We all know someone who is dear to us, and who has or will have mental health issues at some point in their lives. Together we can make a difference and help people in need. All donations will go towards supporting the Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region. Sincerely Jean-Francois Dupras.

Please visit the link below to help Jean-Francois raise awareness and donations for the Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region.



Winter Warmth Campaign

Thank you for your interest in our Winter Warmth Campaign in support of CMHA Calgary's Street Outreach and Stabilization Program. If you would like to donate towards our Winter Warmth Campaign by sponsoring ONE OR MORE SOS Kits, simply multiply the number of kits you would like to sponsor by $20 and enter that total dollar amount in the donation amount. For example 10 kits X $20 = $200. Enter $200 in the donation amount. Stresscase will fulfill the sponsored kits and deliver them to the CMHA Calgary’s SOS Headquarters. You will receive a charitable donation tax receipt if you add your contact information at the time of your donation. Please understand that this kit is available as a donation to CMHA Calgary only. These SOS kits will be distributed to homeless individuals in Calgary. Thank you for supporting this important initiative and for making Calgary a warmer place for everyone to live.

Your Body and Mind Wellness

Promoting mental wellness one massage at a time!


Massage therapy have many benefits. They are known to lower cortisol levels, which determine how the body responds to stress, and anxiety. It is also believed that touch releases hormones in your body that create a positive emotional reaction, helping to put your mind at ease and improving your mood.

I am promoting body-mind wellness and self care by encouraging people to take at least 60 minutes of their time for themselves to mentally and physically unwind.


Body & Mind Wellness will be donating $5 to CMHA Calgary Region for every massage treatment booked on October 14th, 2019 to May 4th, 2020.

Please visit https://www.bodyandmindwellness.ca/ for further information.


I am Adam Ambrose and this is the "Learning How to Breathe" fundraiser which is tied to my new single 'Breathe'. The goal of my fundraiser is to raise a thousand dollars through merchandise related to my single with 50% of the profits going to CMHA Calgary indefinitely. 

Conquering Obstacles for Mental Health

HI! Welcome to my fundraising page! I'm so happy you stopped by. 

Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians suffer from a Mental Illness? And I say suffer because too often they feel they can't reach out for support. That's wild right? Unfortunately, Mental Illnesses aren't widely considered an acceptable type of "sick" .... YET! Through initiatives like this fundraiser the CHMA is able to provide much needed education and support. The stigma associated with mental illness is slowly disappearing, we are getting closer! 

Studies show that as little as 1 hour/day of movement can decrease symptoms of major depression! Imagine if a fitness regime was prescribed alongside each medication!?

To support this initiative I will be hosting monthly classes at Cor.fit, you can register for these events directly here https://mindbody.io/fitness/studios/cor-fit

You might be asking yourself, why do an obstacle class for mental health? By overcoming physical obstacles we are able to make the mental obstacles that much more manageable.

For  $25 you can expect a fun introduction to an obstacle based fitness class and get the opportunity to come be a kid again! 

Why not use play to lift your energy and move your body for mental health!!!

If you're not able to attend a class please consider donating by clicking the link above to help those 1 in 5 Canadians gain access to the support they need.


My goal with this fundraiser initiative is to encourage people to practice healthy daily actions to help establish habits for the new year! 

I will be donating 100% of the proceeds I receive from the affordable meal plans that I will be creating for new clients! 

Iron Legs for Charity 2020

Who's got the strongest legs? This is the ultimate test of physical & mental stamina! Raise funds, ski your heart out, feel the glory! Iron Legs for Charity ski-athon is in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association Calgary Region!

Participants can sign up solo, or in a relay team of 2-4 people, for $25 each.
Collect pledges from friends, family & coworkers.
Show your physical & mental grit as you do laps (without stopping if you can!) on Summit Platter from 11am to 3pm!
Lift tickets are complimentary.
No break for those IRON LEGS as you ski down Headwall & Charlie's Choice then back up again.

Who will get the most laps in that time? After, join us for Apees and Awards to celebrate everyone's accomplishments! Prizes for each category who complete the most laps in that time and for those who raised the most money.

Please visit our event page link below for more details.






Personal Campaign Donations

My Life My Adventure

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Winter Warmth Campaign by Stresscase

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Rachel Peer : Iron Legs for Charity 2020

Raised: $ 735.00

Kayla Doucette : Iron Legs for Charity 2020

Raised: $ 295.00

Nicola Moffatt : Iron Legs for Charity 2020

Raised: $ 150.00


Raised: $ 150.00

Marly Martinez : Your Body and Mind Wellness

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Learning How to Breathe

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Conquering Obstacles for Mental Health

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CMHA – Calgary Region builds awareness and provides education and support for individuals and families living with mental illness, addiction, or a loss by suicide. We work closely with other community organizations to bridge gaps in the mental health care system and facilitate access to important services and resources.