We have raised $5737.50 of our target $12000!


Our initiative for March4Mike is to raise awareness for Mental Health and raise donations for more Suicide preventions. We want to break the stigma that mental illness isn’t something that can just “go away” and that it is a real issue. Mental health comes in all forms of diagnoses and we would love to raise money in hopes that more services and programs are developed to help assist those struggling with mental health. That not only do doctors just prescribe anti-depressants to “fix” the issue, but to really dig deeper with these services and programs to help understand the why and how for these individuals.

The reason why I have chosen to do this fundraiser is because I have personally been affected with mental health myself, as well as I have noticed it is something that runs in my family. I struggle with anxiety, as do my siblings and my brother has recently died by suicide 2 years ago. I want to raise awareness that mental health is real and it affects ALL different kinds of people in all types of ages and genders. I want people to know that depression isn’t something that can just go away, and that it’s an illness that can kill anyone. That we need more services and programs that help with those struggling with mental health and that sometimes directing someone to the “crisis line” isn’t enough. It needs to be talked about, and to be made aware this is an illness. My mother and father still struggle to understand what mental health is, so this is a prime example as to why this fundraiser is important to me. To show my parents and the Asian culture that mental health is real. 

How people can help support is by donating to the March4Mike fundraiser Through the Canadian Mental Health Association Calgary Region site, or they can purchase a box of our boba bombs for the promotion price of $40 and 10$ of every purchase will go the CMHA Calgary to help fund programs and individuals struggling with mental health. Eventually we will be organizing marathons in honour of my brother Mike, where individuals can run the marathon and raise money to donate. We are also in the works of creating merchandise in where 25% of all sales will be donated to the CMHA Calgary in honour of march4Mike.  We just want to also keep my brothers legacy alive as he graduated as a social worker helping youth struggling with mental health. Any repost, shares, likes and comments on any social media platform helps spread our cause or the reason for why we are doing this

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Raised: $ 5737.50

CMHA – Calgary Region builds awareness and provides education and support for individuals and families living with mental illness, addiction, or a loss by suicide. We work closely with other community organizations to bridge gaps in the mental health care system and facilitate access to important services and resources.