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Robby's Half-Marathon

Welcome to my fundraising page! I am fundraising for an organization I care very much about: the Canadian Mental Health Association, specifically, the Calgary branch. I’m going to run a socially distanced Half-Marathon (21.10km) around the Glenmore Reservoir on May 2nd. As there are currently no Half-Marathons that directly support CMHA Calgary, I figured I would run my own :). Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook as that is where I will provide updates. I will also share the GPS data after I finish the race so that you see my time and verify I ran the full distance! 

A little bit about why I’m running: Mental health problems and mental illness are an on-going concern, with an estimated 1 in 5 Canadians experiencing a mental health problem or illness every year. The restrictions, lockdowns and resulting social isolation that has occurred over the past year only further contribute to this challenge. The scientific literature has shown that the pandemic and the measures taken to control it adversely affect mental health and existing mental illness. Anecdotally, I’d imagine this is something most of us have observed as well.

For this reason, I believe that the work being done by the Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region is needed now, more than ever. CMHA a fully licensed, non-profit, nation-wide organization that aims to “facilitate access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience, and support recovery from mental illness." They have multiple nation-wide initiatives to support mental wellness and those suffering from mental illness. Their role as a mental health advocate, educator, and resource facilitator is key to Canada’s Mental Health strategy.

I believe that the work being done by the CMHA Calgary is so important as we grapple with the mental health challenges that we are facing, and will face - that is why I’m so glad to have opportunity to fund raise for this organization! 

If you chose to support this fundraiser monetarily, you can use the direct portal on this website todo so. You can also support this fundraiser by spreading the word and sharing this page! Lastly, please also consider submitting a song for me to listen to while I run on May 2nd - I will be creating a race playlist based off of these submissions. (https://forms.gle/rZ7SVpGMAuoDDxdJ7). I truly appreciate any and all support!

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CMHA – Calgary Region builds awareness and provides education and support for individuals and families living with mental illness, addiction, or a loss by suicide. We work closely with other community organizations to bridge gaps in the mental health care system and facilitate access to important services and resources.