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Cedar and Steam Fundraiser

CEDAR & STEAM Fundraiser for Mental Health

We are raising funds through our Single Drop-in Sauna & Steam pass. For every single pass purchased we will donate $1 to CMHA Calgary and to support local mental health programs and services.

Cedar & Steam will be announcing our final amount raised in October. Purchase a pass and be part of the movement!

We want to bring awareness to mental health and help strengthen the community around us by giving back, while your wellness is a priority. Yup, we said it. With a single drop-in pass you are putting self-care first and giving back. Now, more than ever our mental health is being tested. So let's do this together. Let's help each other when we need it most, while making a promise to ourselves that we will prioritize wellness. 

Cedar & Steam evolved from the idea that health and wellness should be something we fit into our daily routine. Mental health is just as important as physical health. There are natural ways of healing and detoxing that we should incorporate into our lifestyle. We set out with the belief that if we created a space that would allow us to fully relax, we could be the best versions of ourselves.

Over the past few weeks our mental and physical health have been tested. We are resilient and stronger then we know. Let's rise together and support each other in time of need. Let's put our MENTAL & PHYSICAL health first. Let's make it a priority so we can live our best lives! 


Getting involved is easy... put yourself first and purchase a Single Drop-in Sauna & Steam pass. A single pass costs $28 + GST and gets you 2 hours of relaxation. It never expires and will remain on your account until you use it. 

At the same time you are part of the mental health and wellness movement! $1.00 from every single drop-in pass will go to CMHA Calgary. So you are doing something for yourself while helping others. Decide to make wellness a priority and make it something to look forward to during this pandemic. Purchase a Single drop-in Sauna & Steam pass, give back and get on the waitlist. You can email info@cedarandsteam.com to be added to our waitlist that we launched April 22, 2020. No purchase necessary to get on the waitlist and we will contact you for relaxation as soon as we know when we will reopen. 

You can purchase the pass through our website https://cedarandsteam.com/ or make a direct donation towards CMHA Calgary and our goal, by selecting the donate button on our fundraising page. The donation can be any amount and will go directly to our goal! Passes are unavailable to purchase through the Mindbody app until the Spa has reopened. 

Don’t forget to spread the word, share and re-post.


We can't believe it has taken so many generations for us to discover the importance of self-care. If you aren't putting yourself first then how can you show up for others? We think it's a path many are starting to journey down. Figure out how to navigate life while starting to make wellness a priority. We felt there were a lack of options for wellness in the city that offered a space for daily self-care outside of the fitness scene. Where can you go to meditate, read, meet someone in the community while having health benefits? We found the options limited and therefore started the creation of Cedar & Steam. We strive to offer an affordable option for self-care that is also convenient. We hope by providing a space in Calgary our community will make time for wellness. 


Mental health is a driver behind CEDAR & STEAM. The reason it was founded and created was to have a place where we could go in the city of Calgary to Relax, Refuel & Replenish from all the stressors in life. Working with a local charity and being an advocate for mental health was actually built into the business plan. Supporting our community with options [ sauna, steam & massage] all while giving back through CMHA Calgary. We also wanted the funds to stay local. All the funds raised through this fundraiser with CMHA Calgary stay local in Calgary to help our community when they need it most. It just makes sense that CMHA Calgary was the perfect fit for Cedar & Steam to join forces with. 

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CEDAR and STEAM Fundraiser

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CMHA – Calgary Region builds awareness and provides education and support for individuals and families living with mental illness, addiction, or a loss by suicide. We work closely with other community organizations to bridge gaps in the mental health care system and facilitate access to important services and resources.