March4mike was a fundraiser we started back in March 2021 in honour of my brother Mike. We successfully raised a total of 6000$ and hope to raise another 1444$ for the month of March this year. Join us in celebrating what would of been Mike’s 33rd birthday on march 4, by raising donations and awareness for mental health. We aim to break stigmas that portray that mental illnesses can just go away, and normalize that it’s okay to not be okay. 1 out of 5 Canadians struggle with their mental health and approximately 4500 people die by suicide every year, with rates being much higher amongst men than women. We hope for more accessible services and help with those struggling with their mental health. 

In honour of celebrating Mikes’s 33rd birthday, 10% of all sales on orders made in the month of MARCH starting from MARCH 4-MARCH 31, will be donated to the MARCH4MIKE FUNDRAISER for the Canadian Mental Health Association -Calgary region. Please visit Sweetstems instagram or Facebook page to see order options. Orders may be placed via DM’s (direct message) or emails to



For anyone that knew Mike, you would’ve known he was the most selfless, genuine, caring, kind, funny, goofy, humble and most loving, one of a kind soul. The list goes on and on. He graduated with a Diploma in social work and his purpose was to always show everyone around him that they were loved, supported, capable, and worthy. He saved and changed so many youths lives working from the boys and girls club, woods home to the Calgary genesis centre. I remember meeting this young girl aged 13-16 at his funeral, and she had a letter written for him that she wanted to share with us. She stated that she wanted to die by suicide but Mike was the one that saved her. He showed her the light, pulled her out of the darkness and guided her to have a reason to live. He had the ability to create spaces of safety for you to be vulnerable and feel heard. He had the love to make you feel like you were always seen. He had the humour that could make you laugh and giggle knowing he was the one kids always catered to. He embodied everything we as Sweetstems wish to live by everyday. With intention, purpose, love, kindness, light and pure joy, wholeheartedly ❤️ 

This month, join us in celebrating Mike, and continuing his legacy by helping make the world a happier and healthier place.

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