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My name is Susan Mucciacito and I dream of seeing the words "You Matter," raise awareness and foster accommodation to the mental health issues youth across Canada are facing. I am retired now but I worked with the Calgary Catholic School Board as either a Noon Hour or Educational Assistant for 12 years, the last school I worked for was Mother Mary Greene. Working with children and helping them every day to feel safe and supported was something that I truly enjoyed. I loved my job. My sons Domenico and Nicholas both graduated from Notre Dame High School in Calgary, AB. My older son, Domenico, appeared well. He was earning honor roll in his classes and participating in sports too. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a good indicator of his mental health. In the following years while he attended University, his struggle worsened and I lost my son Domenico to suicide on October 5, 2019. I believe in my heart other youth are struggling with anxiety and depression.


Since the loss of Domenico, myself and those around me have had our eyes opened as friends both old and new have come to us with stories to relate with about their own difficulties, and even tragedies. We realized that this struggle is a common circumstance. Now we can never go back. Learning to live with loss has been so challenging at times that you just don’t want to do it, but with therapy, love, and support from amazing friends and family here we are. Life has opened up to new meaning and purpose for all of us. We have learned a new way. I have the desire to reach out with this message, that our young people are struggling, and our families are struggling, and nobody knows how to help, or where to find it. However, if we show them what we learned, they can! 

“You Matter;” In memory of Domenico Mucciacito. (October 1, 1996 – October 5, 2019). Domenico’s artwork is used to create a recognizable brand for this initiative. This vision depends on the close-knit and cooperation between community leaders such as the Calgary Catholic School Board, and local business Okanagan Outpost that is currently working as a partner in designing and printing the “You Matter” shirts. Moving forward and as this fundraising effort gains traction – proceeds will be designated towards a few select causes.

Link to purchase t-shirts: https://www.okanaganoutpost.com/shop-1/you-matter-flower-of-hope


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