Join in a meaningful initiative to support Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region (CMHA Calgary) at this year's annual CiCAN Conference.

According to Statistics Canada, 1 in 3 Canadians experience an addiction or mental health problem over their lifetime. Research conducted by Canadian Mental Health Association and UBC in 2021 indicates that 54% of Albertans feel they were unable to receive the mental health support they needed over the past 12 months because they couldn't afford to pay. Working together, we can achieve Mental Health for All.

CMHA Calgary promotes mental health and wellness through a comprehensive range of community-based services for individuals, families, groups and organizations. For over 65 years, CMHA Calgary has provided a person and family-centered integrated service model focused on early intervention and prevention of a mental health or substance use concern.

Donations to CMHA Calgary fund programs and services that promote mental health and wellbeing in Calgary and surrounding area.

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